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          Probate Attorney 

After an individual's death, the executor of the will must probate the will. Or, if an individual passes away without a will, the individual appointed by the court must probate it.  Probate is the legal process to prove the validity of a will which takes place after an individual passes away. The probate process is expensive and lengthly. 

Probate Attorney, Modesto, CA

We, at Hundal Legal Group, handle your probate needs. You can opt to have our probate attorneys advise you through the process, with all required probate forms. Or, you can hire our firm to handle the entire process for you. Probate Attorney, Modesto, CA

Trust Administration

It may be overwhelming to administrate a trust, but our attorneys can help. Administrating a trust, even for a simple trust, is different for each trust. More specifically, the process of trust administration includes obtaining legal documents and records from third parties, collecting monies owed to the trust, paying debts and expenses of the trust, maintaining an inventory of trust assets, obtaining appraisals, executing legal documents, and much more. Hundal Legal Group will assist and handle the entire trust administration process.